Call of Duty sweatpants. 👍
😊 Thanks again to @skullytattoos and boyfriend MaTtKs for the best bday gift ever. ❤️
Lol. #HBIC
Chihuahua whisperer. 🐺❤️
Running errands with my little sidekick Corona. 🐺 ❤️
Outburst! 😂😂😂
Birthday tattoo is healing nicely. 😊 My dog looks like he’s thinking, “This bitch and her selfies again.” Lol. 😂🐺 #LetMeLive
Look at my @destinythegame Level 25 Hunter decked out in the @callofduty #AdvancedWarfare Blacksmith shader. 👍🎮
Knocking out these bounties in @destinythegame 👊
Happy Monday! Always remember this.☝️😂
Just walked my doggy in this 90 degree heat. Too hot! ☀️🌴🐺
Pretty much!! Lol! #HappyFriday @barndi @heypbowman @jermtheory 😂
Stop wasting my damn time Windows Updates! Ain’t nobody got time fo dat! 😁👊
Look at Corona in a turtleneck. He was shivering and needed it. #dogsinclothes #Chihuahua 😂🐺