Great. This is what happens when I’m about to complete a mission. Grr. 🚫🎮 Thanks to @daniwolfson for hooking me up with 12 months of Xbox Live. 👍
Felt like a superhero Harajuku girl in my new peplum polka dot top paired with the 90s boots my boyfriend picked out for me. #OutfitOftheday #ootd
Thanks to @daniwolfson for also getting my doggy a treat from  @sprinklescupcakes 👍🐺
Thank you so much to @daniwolfson for the birthday Sprinkles. :)
Hi, I’m 32 years old now. 😁🎈
Working on Call of Duty since 2011, this is the first time our Call of Duty key art poster has come to life to wish me a Happy Birthday lol! #MindBlown
I love my early birthday flowers from my babe! ❤️🎈🌺💐
Taking the creature for a long walk on my day off. ❤️🐺
Goal: Be the nicest/most helpful slave driver our agencies ever had and not the #ClientFromHell. 👍😬 cc: @jermtheory @heypbowman @barndi #HappyFriday
I’ve visited our #Activision offices in France, Italy, Spain and our U.S. licensing office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 👍🎮 ✈️🌍 #2012
Don’t trip. 👍
Got a new Destiny Launch Team hoodie. 👍
Celebrating the launch of Destiny at the official Activision Destiny launch party! #Destiny (at W Hotel Los Angeles-Westwood)
Baam! Destiny astronaut ice cream? Awesome!