Don’t mind me. Just feeling girly documenting my new dress and boots.👢👗🐺 #outfitoftheday #ootd
@Callofduty work stuff. 👍🎮
Who’s your soulmate? 😊 #ShareACoke
Loving my new Ugg boots boyfriend MaTtKs got me as an early birthday gift! ❤️🎁 Lol @ @daniwolfson photobombing my pic. 😂
Loving these 90’s “My So-Called Life” boots that boyfriend MaTtKs picked out for me during our shopping spree this weekend. 👍👢#Daria #AngelaChase
My creature is wearing a turtleneck sweater. 😂
#tbt That time I felt like an “independent woman” when I moved out of Hollywood into my new apt in Culver City, bought my own custom white leather couch and fancy coffee table. #ThrowbackThursday 👑👊💰💵
Tonight’s fortune cookie question.
How the hell am I STILL jet lagged!? Hope I can sleep through the night with this ammo. ✈️😴💤 👍